Hand Hygiene

To decrease the transmission of microorganisms, it's important to use the correct hand washing technique and to know when to use a hand sanitizer. Explanatory videos, posters that raise awareness of and act as reminders for various messages about hand hygiene, as well as a quiz to test your knowledge; these are all the available contents that will allow you to implement a solid hand hygiene plan.

Surface Disinfection

If you could have a simple way to keep viruses from spreading through small gestures, thereby reducing absenteeism in your working environment, would you hesitate to change your habits? Approximately one third of unscheduled workplace absences are due to illness, which represents many hours of unproductivity for a company. You'll learn how to reduce infections with small gestures, and have access to awareness tools and additional information.

Indoor Air Quality

Scented or unscented, VOC-free or not — how can indoor air quality be improved? Can a vacuum help improve air quality? So many questions that will be answered in this phase of the program. Improving indoor air quality not only promotes a healthier environment for workers, but also contributes to decreasing the rate of absenteeism due to infections. An irritated respiratory tract promotes the introduction of viruses in the body, and therefore the propagation of illnesses.


Ergonomics consists in adapting work, tools, and the environment to people (rather than the reverse). If a more ergonomic environment allowed you to reach higher performance, reliability, and safety levels as part of your operations, would you want to learn more about it? Tips, tricks, and advice will be given center stage to let you find out more and to help you implement better habits.

Long-Term Healthy Choices

It's not enough to simply make choices; these choices will only be made good if they're healthy and durable! But what is a healthy and durable choice? This is what we'll be dealing with in this section. Opting to reduce your environmental impact, choosing sturdier materials, and implementing a recovery program. Small steps — big impact.

We hope that you'll join us on the Workplace Wellness adventure in 2013 and that you'll enjoy discovering how you can improve your environment.